AfIGF 2016 Presentations

AfIGF 2016 Presentations
Final Report
Final Report

Main Conference Presentations
Opening remarks by IGF Secretariat PDF | DOC | Mr. Chengetai Masango
Building the Foundation for Innovation PDF | PPT | Dr. Khan
Shaping the Future of the Internet in Africa PDF | PPT | Dr. Dawit Bekele
The Internet of Things PDF | PPT | Dr. Mwaki Chango
Internet Innovation-ISPA PDF | PPT |Mr. Mike Silber
Internet Innovation-The Future of Africa PDF | PPT | Mr. Bello Moussa
Emerging Innovation PDF | PPT | Adile Ngcaba
Block Chains and Applications PDF | PPT | Dr. Daniel J. Mashao
Bridging the gender divide in the digital transformation of Africa PDF | DOC | Irene Kagoya
Connecting the next billion, which role for Africa? PDF | PPT | Loren Braithwaite Kabosha
Security and Privacy Issues in the Internet - Law Enforcement PDF | PPT | Michael Ilishebo
Security and Privacy Issues in the Internet - ICANN PDF | Bob Ochieng
Enabling African libraries to deliver on public access as a development imperative: an AfLIA perspective PDF | PPT | Antonin Benoit Diouf
The Role of Internet Governance in Sustainable Development Goals PDF | PPT | Segun H. Olugbile